Specialty Adhesives

There may be projects that will require a different or special type of adhesive. Unfortunately, these kinds of formulations arent always readily available in the market.We have ready-to-use adhesives for a wide range of applications. But if what you ...
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Case Making

Case Making , 'case ...
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Packaging Small & Large

Packaging Small & ...
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Others Product

Others Product ...
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For over a years century SMART CHEMICALS business unit has head a singular focus ti supply specialty adhesive and base polymers for the paper and converting, envelope, pharmacy, labelling, carpet, matches, cigarette, tube-core winding, coating paper, varnish, shopping bag, case making & casing in, gift box, sticker, pharmacies, flexibel packaging for film to film, and more industry.
Today we are the wold’s growth supplier and manufacture of specialty adhesive, resin, chemicals, with a broad portofolio of products, manufactured and distributed throughout the whole packaging, and converting, and all industry.
Our sales and technical support teams are available to apply smart adhesive & resin resources, from fundamentals polymer research to application development and testing, to your particular situation.
This profile highlights many of the products smart adhesive offers too our customer to help you create and manufacture the many new application products of today, and create those of tomorrow. While the grades of polymer listed in this profile represent those most utilized in the adhesive and sealants industry, we are also offer a browser range of products in many of our base polymer lines. This additional information can be provided on request.
Smart adhesive is ready to work with you in developing a system for your future application or new design project packaging, converting, and other wheter it’s an an existing product to improve performance, or simply replacing components and ingredients.